The Gospel changes everything. We believe this wholeheartedly and hope you’ll experience it with us during your visit. Worship the Lord with us, pray with us, fellowship with us, serve with us, and rediscover the refreshing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship Through Expository Preaching

Christian preaching proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ and the exposition (explanation) of Scripture is the means to this end. Although the Bible is essential to the task of preaching, it is not central to it – because a person is: Jesus Christ. Therefore, the reason why we preach the Bible is that it is the chief and clearest witness to Jesus Christ himself.

This is why expository preaching plays such a significant role in our worship services. True worship involves an encounter with the living person of Jesus Christ who makes himself known on every page of Scripture. We are committed as a church to preaching from entire books of the Old and New Testaments, verse-by-verse, consistently over time.

Worship Through Songs & Scriptures

While the primary way in which we encounter Jesus in worship is through His Word, the way in which we use Scripture takes a variety of forms. Not only do we fix our attention on God’s Word through expository preaching, but we seek to let it drive the entirety of our gathered worship services. The Psalms typically shape our call to worship and we again look to Scripture after confessing our sins to assure us of the pardon God promises in Jesus.

Our songs and hymns are meant to walk us through the gospel story and prepare our hearts to receive and meditate on the sermon. The Bible commands us to sing songs that are Biblically rich and faithful that we might cherish and celebrate God’s truth together as the family of God. That’s why we use lots of traditional and updated hymns. We strive to lead them in a way that fosters congregational singing, the primary “instrument” in our services.