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Huntsville Bible Baptist Church welcomes our new pastor and family!

Pastor Stephen Schwanke took the pastorate on January 31, 2016. We are excited to welcome him and his family as they follow God’s leading.

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Philippians 3:8-9 Defining your priorities ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you Pastor for another great message from the Word! I especially appreciated the new additions of the great singing and brother Perry's testimony. They were both a blessing to us a as well. Thank you!!

Great message! Enjoyed the special music and testimony!

No suit coat and That tie looks a little loose. That’s a slippery slope. 😆 just kidding preach it brother!

Good preaching

Billie and Marie Carden watched!!


Thank you Lord!!

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The Sunday Morning message should be up in the next 20 minutes. Grab your family and let God speak to your heart! ... See MoreSee Less

Wednesday Night Bible Study- Pastor Ethan Ryan ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you Pastor Ethan! So encouraging to think on these things! Our appetites should be so hungry for the word🙌

Good Wed night service with the kids! I think they liked the food analogy. I laughed at the fatty steak part and told them "see!? The Bible promotes Keto!" lol

We appreciate the good message brother! Yeah, I can relate to the fact that our 'appetites' are often focused on the wrong is a gift and a blessing, but over-indulgence is not. HA.

Thank for the message. Amen!

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